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We know you might have questions about our trees,
so we've complied our frequently asked questions in the handy space 

How does the service work?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! First, you select your tree and accessories from our range of over twenty decor styles, select your delivery date and our team will come to your office at a previously organised time to set up your tree. And don't worry about clearing away the tree after the festive period, we'll take care of that too!

When will my tree arrive?

You can select from four different delivery weeks depending on your requirements. All delivery dates are approximate and therefore we cannot guarantee a specific day for delivery however we will inform you when possible of our impending arrival. 

Where do you deliver?

To order via our website, you must be in any of the counties located in Zone 1.  If you can't find your area listed, please call us direct on 0800 587 46 72 to arrange delivery to your area and get a quote.

What will we need to have in place before tree is delivered? 

Prior to installation, our team will need complete access to the site e.g no parked cars blocking access for large loading vehicle, bollards removed etc. Electricity power supply must be available in order for us to test the lights. It is the client's responsible to organise an installation of cables necessary to have the power supply reach the tree. In most cases, we will require a minimum of 24ov outdoor waterproof twin 3-point socket. After installation, security of the tree is the client's responsibility.  

How can we keep our real Christmas tree healthy?

Our team will fill the water reservoir at the time of installation, after this point it is your responsibility to maintain the water level. To ensure your tree remains healthy, do not allow the water to go below the tree base or the pan to empty. This will keep prevent needles from dropping and help the tree stay fragrant. Our trees need clean, cold water to survive, no additives required!

What shall we do if the water level has fallen below the tree base?

If the water level falls below the base of the tree, dried sap will form a seal over the stump. If this has happened to your tree, fill the stand with warm water to soften the sap. Please note this is the only time you should use warm water. 

What if our power supply is from council property?

If the power supply for the tree is coming from council property, for example, a lamppost, the client will have had to arrange this with the council prior installation and a member of the council or nominated electrician will need to be present for the installation. 

I need decorations for an event, can you help?

We sure can! In fact, we've provided decor for a number of special events, which can be found on our recent projects page. If you need something specific such as moss sculptures, LED trees or any other Christmas decorations, call us direct on 0800 587 46 72 for a quote specified to your needs.

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